White Horse Inn in Metamora

For great food in a beautiful and historic former stage coach stop, take a drive to the White Horse Inn the oldest restaurant in Michigan.

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Legs Inn: A Polish Delight


Elizabeth Sodt Memorial

Elizabeth “Betty” Sodt’s memorial was on Saturday, Jan 10th. Many friends and family gathered to celebrate her life. There are many pictures in our gallery.

Risky Brenda does PLI

Risky Brenda brought the PLI in Manchester to her knees on May 31st Great show Terris Ahrens, Juston Brady, Nathan Smith, Kevin Walter, and Ian Chartrand! And there is an added PLI history lesson for our genealogy and history fans.

The Brown Family History

My dear Aunt Alice is a historian and has been documenting the Brown Family History for over 50 years. Aunt Alice and Uncle Milner’s vacations included detours to cemeteries, courthouses and libraries. She said to me during a recent visit, “Did you know most old towns...

Emma Lewick Woodin

Emma Lewick Woodin lived most of her adult life in railroad towns in Kansas and Texas. She remained connected to her family in Michigan through postcards.

Betty’s Recipe Box – Family Recipes

Betty's recipe box is filled with memories of my mother, family recipes and pieces of history. The note cards and scraps of paper where she wrote her recipes are valuable folklore as well as directions for baking cookies. I loved her cinnamon snaps and buckeyes. We...

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