Porcupine Mountains Artist-in-Residence Program

Our Porcupine Mountains Artist-in-Residence Program application is in the mail. Fingers crossed they select us! If you’ve got any voodoo magic skills and can cast a spell to help the panel select us, we wouldn’t stop you. 

Fox Glacier Heli Hike

Isle Royale

A Visit to Isle Royale


Canyon Falls Michigan’s Grand Canyon

Canyon Falls Michigan’s Grand Canyon

The Canyon Falls trail along the Sturgeon River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been dubbed “Michigan’s Grand Canyon.” It is 15 miles south of L’Anse, Michigan on US 41. There is plenty of parking at the roadside park. Blue slashes along the trail mark the North Country Trail.

Scotland’s Ring of Steall

Scotland’s Ring of Steall

The Fellowship of the Ring - The Ring of Steall that is Why The Ring? One of my favorite scenes from the movie Braveheart, is when William Walace is running through the mountains of Scotland.  I had always thought that if I ever get over to Scotland, I need to...

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