Virtual Happy Hour – Its a thing!

Our virtual happy hour was a stunning success. “It really felt like we were out having drinks with others.” Tips & suggestions for other virtual parties.


The Brown Family History

The Brown Family History

My dear Aunt Alice is a historian and has been documenting the Brown Family History for over 50 years. Aunt Alice and Uncle Milner’s vacations included detours to cemeteries, courthouses and libraries. She said to me during a recent visit, “Did you know most old towns...

Emma Lewick Woodin

Emma Lewick Woodin

Emma Lewick Woodin lived most of her adult life in railroad towns in Kansas and Texas. She remained connected to her family in Michigan through postcards.

Pinckney Michigan Winter Memories

Its days like today, with all the fresh snow that I’m reminded of winters past.      Winter is one of my favorite seasons (the other being Fall).  I know a lot of folks complain about the snow, but I love it!  Cripes, we do live in Michigan...

Bethlehem Cemetery

Bethlehem Cemetery - Ann Arbor, Michigan Our final stop on the 2012 post-Thanksgiving research fieldtrip to de-tangle the Luick/Lewick tangle. The Bethlehem Cemetery on Jackson Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was a treasure trove of history. John David Luick Sr.'s...

Lima Center Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Jackson Road just west of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The Lima Center Cemetery is also known as the Luick Farm Cemetery.  Lima Center Cemetery The Luick - Lewick family mystery continues.... Our visit to the Lima Center Cemetery...

Andrew Lewick or was it Johann Andreas Luick?

Andrew Lewick or was it Johann Andreas Luick?

  Family Folklore featuring Michigan Pioneer Andrew Lewick A tale of two names, gold rush fever, bigamy and suicide  Every family has Family Folklore and with each generation it either gets embellished or lost. I have always been fascinated by my...

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