Hiking In New Zealand – Easy Jaunts

Hiking in New Zealand is a life affirming event and we made sure we latched on to a life well lived with these easy jaunts in both the North and South islands.

Cognition Brewing Company

Spring Smoke Off – Dark Horse Brewing

I know what you are thinking, what are you two doing out a Dark Horse Brewing in marvelous Marshall, Michigan for a barbeque contest?  You guys don’t eat ribs and brisket!  Your vegan!  Well, you are right, we don’t partake in BBQ meats, but its a party at Dark Horse and we were out and about, so there you go!  Dark Horse was also releasing  ‘Smells Like A Safety Meeting’ which is a wonderful pale ale with a hoptastic hoppy aroma, so that helped to bring us over for a visit.

FUZZ FEST at Woodruff’s!

I read online that ‘The Muggs’ were going to be playing in Ypsilanti, Michigan at a cool little place called Woodruff’s last Friday night (April 11, 2014) and that just so happened to be my birthday.  I figured it was divine intervention and that I needed to go check out the show.   What I didn’t know was that what was really happening at Woodruff’s was FUZZ FEST!!   A three day rock and roll extravaganza featuring 33 Michigan bands on two stages!

Zappa Plays Zappa Taking Roxy to Ann Arbor

No seriously, does it get any better when you get to groove like a penguin in bondage at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan with the Zappa Plays Zappa band?  On Wednesday (2/19/2014), we got treated to Zappa Plays Zappa performing the entire “Roxy & Elsewhere” album by Frank Zappa & The Mothers.  This is the 40th anniversary of the album release and Zappa Plays Zappa is taking it out to audiences across the country.

A Visit with Tree Purposed Detroit

Eric and Evan met us at the door and started to walk us through the process of taking unwanted trees (harvested by Evan’s tree service company – Arbor Man) and turning them into usable lumber and finished wood products.  Tree Purposed Detroit is unique in that they combine all aspects of lumber production and woodworking under one roof.  Pretty cool!!  These are certainly some ingenious and hard working fellas!

Almost Famous at 50

Chuck’s Almost Famous Experience! Covering shows, interviewing musicians, and writing album reviews. He may not be 15 but he is still having a good time!

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