Virtual Happy Hour – Its a thing!

Our virtual happy hour was a stunning success. “It really felt like we were out having drinks with others.” Tips & suggestions for other virtual parties.

New Zealand Shrimp
Zachariah Malachi and the Hillbilly Executives
Tony B Birthday Metal Fest - Ante Up

Tony B Birthday Metal Fest

Ann Arbor Skate Park – Time to Rip!

Ann Arbor Skate Park – Time to Rip!

As the summer solstice began, a large crowd gathered on Saturday, 21-June-2014 in Ann Arbor, Michigan to celebrate the opening of the Ann Arbor Skate Park. With a mix of streetscapes, ramps, and bowls, skaters of all levels put the park to its paces. By the looks on people’s faces, I’m thinking this park is a big hit!

Risky Brenda does PLI

Risky Brenda does PLI

Risky Brenda brought the PLI in Manchester to her knees on May 31st Great show Terris Ahrens, Juston Brady, Nathan Smith, Kevin Walter, and Ian Chartrand! And there is an added PLI history lesson for our genealogy and history fans.

Blue Snaggletooth – Adventures in music

Blue Snaggletooth – Adventures in music

Police Blotter: May, 30 2014   Man found wandering the streets after an incident at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Victim appears to have suffered from blunt force trauma to the head and neck as a result of sonic field distortions causing massive convulsions.  Assailants identified as the bands Fuckknot, Blue Snaggletooth, and the Mike Hard Show.  Victim reported that he enjoyed every minute.

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