Chasing Nostalgia in a Vintage VW Campervan

Our Route 66 Road Trip in a vintage VW campervan took a few unexpected turns. It started as #vanlife but turned into a #dystopiancomedy.

Chelsea Sounds and Sights
Brew Detroit - Chef Tara
Summer Beer Fest 2022
ROAK Beer Garden
The Black Crowes at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort
Big Bay – Anatomy of a Murder and a shuffle

Big Bay – Anatomy of a Murder and a shuffle

Our Michigan Winter vacation in the U.P. continued with a trip up to Big Bay, Michigan to learn more about the place where the movie Anatomy of A Murder was made. While we were there we met great people and learned about the Big Bay Shuffle. Big Bay, Michigan -...

Dog sledding in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Dog sledding in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

I said to Chuck while we were planning our winter vacation to the U.P., “We should try dog sledding, wouldn’t that be a hoot?” He needed little encouragement and before I could bat an eye, I was bundled up and on a dog sled in Munising, Michigan. Everyone should try dog sledding!

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