Michigan’s Great Beer State Conference & Trade Show

In January, we the Michigan’s Great Beer State Conference & Trade Show. We are wondering why it took us so long to attend. 

Long Weekend in Escondido California
Clutch @ Fillmore Detroit, Dec 30, 2021
4 Elf Party 2021

Dark Horse 4 Elf Party 2021

Spring Smoke Off – Dark Horse Brewing

Spring Smoke Off – Dark Horse Brewing

I know what you are thinking, what are you two doing out a Dark Horse Brewing in marvelous Marshall, Michigan for a barbeque contest?  You guys don’t eat ribs and brisket!  Your vegan!  Well, you are right, we don’t partake in BBQ meats, but its a party at Dark Horse and we were out and about, so there you go!  Dark Horse was also releasing  ‘Smells Like A Safety Meeting’ which is a wonderful pale ale with a hoptastic hoppy aroma, so that helped to bring us over for a visit.

FUZZ FEST at Woodruff’s!

FUZZ FEST at Woodruff’s!

I read online that ‘The Muggs’ were going to be playing in Ypsilanti, Michigan at a cool little place called Woodruff’s last Friday night (April 11, 2014) and that just so happened to be my birthday.  I figured it was divine intervention and that I needed to go check out the show.   What I didn’t know was that what was really happening at Woodruff’s was FUZZ FEST!!   A three day rock and roll extravaganza featuring 33 Michigan bands on two stages!

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