Flapjack and Flannel Festival in Traverse City

The Little Fleet in downtown Traverse City looked like a lumberjack convention at the third annual Flapjack and Flannel Festival in Traverse City

The Great Beerd Run

The Great Beerd Run

Fuzz Fest 5 at the Blind Pig

Fuzz Fest 5 at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor filled the air with fuzzy sonic reverberations as the music and psychedelic light show etched images of Conan the Barbarian into your mind.

Cairngorms National Park Road Trip

Our road trip through the Cairngorms National Park opens in St. Andrews and ends with a selfie in front of the Royal Family’s Scottish home. Sandwiched in the middle we explored Dunnottar and Balvenie Castles and the Elgin Cathedral.  

Wire In The Wood

Wire In The Wood had the crowd dancing to their electric brew of bluegrass at the Ann Arbor Summer Fest Top Of The Park.

Affordable Housing

To gain a better understanding of affordable housing in Michigan I started a search for it in my neighborhood. What I found surprised me. It may surprise you too.

Betty’s Flatware Jewelry Project

Betty’s Flatware Jewelry Project is the story of my mother’s wish to make keepsakes from the silverware set she received when she was married in 1947 and Max Ruggirrello, the artist who made her wish come true.

Detroit Dio Tribute 2018

The 9th annual Detroit Dio Tribute at the Loving Touch showcased some of the area’s finest musicians paying homage to the magic of Dio while benefiting a cancer survivor.

Quincy Mine Tour in Hancock Michigan

Just north of Hancock, Michigan in the heart of the Keweenaw Peninsula is the Quincy Mine. It’s been closed over 70 years, but tours are available. During our 2017 Michigan Tour, Chuck convinced me it was time to slay my fears and journey nearly one mile into the side of a hill and explore a bit of history.

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