Kensington Metropark Wild Kingdom

We took a hiatus from the Coronavirus for a hike in the Kensington Metropark. Here is a sample of the animal kingdom we encountered with Chuck’s narration.

Bill Murray in Charleston
New Zealand Shrimp
PREserker to Berserker

PREserker to Berserker

This year’s PREserker warm-up for Berserker Music Fest at Small’s in Hamtramck was a blazing nitro funny car of rip roaring music featuring the satanic royalty of Midnight.

Burning Foot Beer Fest 2018

Burning Foot Beer Fest 2018

The concentrated power of several thousand beer drinkers banished the rain to rejoice in a beautiful afternoon of beer and music at the Burning Foot Beer Fest 2018

Motor City Muscle 2018

Motor City Muscle 2018

Heavy metal muscle cars and high octane rock and roll gathered in the heart of Detroit for the first Motor City Muscle Rock-N-Muscle Car Festival.

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