A2 Art and Brew 2014

The A2 Art and Brew participants visited 7 different locations in Ann Arbor to sample brews, taste appetizers, and appreciate chalk art. After we finished our crawl, we were asked to cast our votes for Best Brew, Best Bite and Best Original Work of Art. Proceeds benefited Ann Arbor Art Center.

Falling Down Beer Company

We took a little trip out to Warren, Michigan to see what was up (pun intended) at Falling Down Beer Company. Happily we found great beer and superb food in a very unpretensious setting.

Violin Monster Invades Busch’s Market

As Brenda, Stephanie, and I crept down the aisle, a cool breeze tussled my beard and the hairs on my neck started to rise. We’d been told to beware of entering this place. It was said a black terror lurked within. Yet it was the sound of a violin that coyly called us. We rounded a corner and screamed! A vicious werewolf bearing a mouthful of daggers and claws like razors stood before us with a violin in hand. We stood in horror, sure that our end was near. The wolf man howled and we nearly lost our scenes. He then walked toward us and said…”Hey, you guys want a beer?”

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