Flapjack and Flannel Festival in Traverse City

The Little Fleet in downtown Traverse City looked like a lumberjack convention at the third annual Flapjack and Flannel Festival in Traverse City

The Great Beerd Run

The Great Beerd Run

Cognition Brewing Company

Backyard Beer Garden Fundraiser

2019 UP Beer Festival


The 2019 Michigan Summer Beer Festival

The 2019 Michigan Summer Beer Festival on July 26-27, in Ypsilanti, featured more than 150 Michigan breweries. We caught the fun in the pictures posted in our galleries and taped a few interviews where we asked if there was any exciting news they’d like to share. 

Tastefest 2019

We got a taste of what Michigan Ability Partners can do while enjoying some delicious food and beer during their TasteFest 2019 annual fund-raiser.

2019 Michigan Winter Beer Festival

The 2019 Michigan Winter Beer Festival token controversy washed away in a flood of beer on Saturday, February 23 when Michigan Beer Enthusiasts gathered in Grand Rapids to celebrate with their beer families.

Lake Ann Brewing Co.

Our chant, “Open, Open, Open” kept time with the sleet hitting the windshield while we waited in the car for the for Lake Ann Brewing Company to open. Our chant worked! Not only did the doors open but we got a very special treat. 

2018 Winter Beer Festival

The 2018 Winter Beer Festival was the same wonderful festival, just postponed for a week. There were new faces in the crowd and just a few less breweries because of the date change.

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