DedRabbits Lowbrow Art Show and Hot Rod Shakedown

Redline Brewing in Burton, Michigan was the spot last weekend for raging iron machines and sweet art work at the DedRabbits Lowbrow Art Show and Hot Rod Shakedown.

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A Chat with Jeff Daniels

Dog sledding in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

I said to Chuck while we were planning our winter vacation to the U.P., “We should try dog sledding, wouldn’t that be a hoot?” He needed little encouragement and before I could bat an eye, I was bundled up and on a dog sled in Munising, Michigan. Everyone should try dog sledding!

Elizabeth Sodt Memorial

Elizabeth “Betty” Sodt’s memorial was on Saturday, Jan 10th. Many friends and family gathered to celebrate her life. There are many pictures in our gallery.

Beer Grotto – It’s What’s For Dinner

Are you looking for a great beer or wine for dinner (or lunch, or breakfast, or...well anytime), then you should check out the Beer Grotto. We stopped by their shop in Dexter, Michigan to see what they had to offer. The Beer Grotto just opened recently in Dexter and...

Who Wants Some Award Winning Chili??

Are you hungry for some award winning chili? Well, then check out Crazy Charlie’s Chili recipe. Its easy to make (seriously, what chili isn’t easy to make), has a little kick in the pants, and tastes pretty damn good.

Fall Metal Festival 5 – Celebrating Michigan Metal!

Hard Edge RadioCabresto Tequila, and Life In Michigan banded together (no pun intended) to bring Fall Metal Festival 5 to the Diesel Concert Lounge on November 22 and 23 of 2014. The festival featured talented musicians from Michigan and Ohio who brought fierce and fiery metal music to over 700 fans. Featuring two stages, which were running back to back, this was a feast of continuous metal.

Bizz Johnson 50K

The voice in my head said, “Why are you here?” But I knew why I was at the start line for Bizz Johnson 50K. My story along with many pictures and details.

Beast In The Field with Blue Snaggletooth, Bison Machine, and Whaler – Michigan Rock Mayhem

Beast In The Field enveloped the small stage at Crossroads Bar in Ypsilanti with an enormous wall of sound richly harvested from all that is HEAVY in this world. This was the first stop of the “No One Survives Tour” featuring four amazing Michigan bands; Whaler, Bison Machine, Blue Snaggletooth, and Beast In the Field. Each band brought their own unique take on the genres of hard rock, doom, and stoner rock. The fans in attendance loved it.

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